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How To Keep Your Skin Looking Young Always

One of the very important things that one should learn is how to keep ones face looking young. This is important as the face is the first part of our bodies that one recognizes when we do meet. Having a pretty or not so good looking face can be the difference between you winning that man or woman that you have been eyeing for quite some time now, or securing that job that you have always wanted for so long.

If we could be honest with ourselves, we could not have a problem admitting that beauty plays an important role in our society today. That is why it is important that not only should one endeavor to look good always, they should learn and perfect the art of making their face look young always.

According to experts at Sozo Aesthetics, here are tips that one can use to ensure that they keep their skin looking young forever.



One of the best ways that you can ensure that your skin is looking young always is ensuring that you stay properly hydrated all the time. Achieving beautiful skins means that you should stay hydrated. When you use a moisturizer, you are sure that you are plumping up your skin hence preventing fine line and wrinkles appearing on it. To get effective results, it is advisable that you apply a facial moisturizer as required around your face while also remembering to apply an eye cream around your eyes. To maintain a good looking skin, it is advisable that you avoid using products that have petroleum and mineral oils as the major ingredients. If you use such products, they will trick the skin to think that it should not produce its natural oils hence rendering it dry.


wringkleDefy Gravity

It is not entirely possible to entirely escape the dreaded droop all we can do is try to delay it. Our skins will start to show some signs of sagging as we age. This is due to the reduced levels of collagen production. Collagen is so important to the health of our skin as it not only gives it flexibility but strength too. So to ensure that the best level of collagen is produced, one is advised to use products that contain vitamin A, retinol and peptides.


Avoid Direct Sunlight

It is always important that you protect yourself from direct sunlight. When you do not expose yourself to direct sunlight, you are preventing your skin from developing wrinkles that are brought about by squinting from light. It is also advisable that when you are stepping outdoors, you wear a hat so that you can protect your forehead and cheekbones from exposure to direct sunlight.


Get Regular Facials

It is advisable that you get regular facials if you can manage to get it on a weekly basis, then the better for you. This is important because you do that, you eliminate dead skin cells enabling new ones to rejuvenate hence achieving a fresh skin look.

Ensure that you groom yourself properly each day, stay hydrated and maintain a balanced diet and your skin will look young always.…

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Selecting the Best Crossfit Shoes for Women

Exercise is key to your health. People think that obese or people struggling with weight are the ones who should exercise. The truth is, we are all supposed to exercise as part of a healthy lifestyle. The shoes you wear during exercise play an important role.

If you are looking for shoes that will help you achieve your exercise goals, we recommend the CrossFit shoes. These shoes are designed with features which make exercise something to look forward to. Below are important factors you should look at when buying women’s crossfit sneakers. Read on.


Quality exercise shoesWhat is the material used to make the CrossFit pair you are about to buy? The best shoes are made from the hypoallergenic material. This a material that prevents you from suffering from any allergic reactions you might have.

Shock Absorption

Your body will be subjected to different pressure depending on the exercise you are carrying out. For instance, weightlifting caries more pressure than jumping the rope. CrossFit shoes offer shoes that absorb different levels of shock. Wearing a shoe that absorbs all the shock is a way of protecting your feet and other muscles.


Before paying for that shoe, take time to look at the base. The best CrossFit shoes have a stable base. And again different exercises require different levels of stability. Weight lifting, for example, requires a shoe with a broad base and that which absorbs a lot of pressure. With such a shoe, you will be stable, and you will not be spending a lot of energy to balance yourself during weight lifting.


CrossFit shoes are expensive. You cannot afford to be buying a new shoe now and then. Note that, shoes with many features are more costly. The bottom line is, you should invest in a pair that will serve you longer. Ensure that the shoe is of the highest quality regarding the material used to make it and its design.


Comfortable shoesComfort should be a number one factor to consider when purchasing any pair of shoe. It does not matter if the shoe will be for daily use or exercise. That said, you can only invest in comfortable exercise shoes and CrossFit guarantees to offer that. Make sure that the shoe fits you well length and width wise. A comfortable shoe gives you a pleasant feeling when exercising. If this is not the case, you bought the wrong type of shoe.…


Top Home Remedies for Stretch Marks That Work

Striae distensae or stretch marks can appear on girls and boys, women and men. They usually occur on the abdomen, hips, upper arms, thighs, and lower back, or anywhere fat is stored. Nearly, all pregnant women develop stretch marks. According to tgusta.es, your genetics play a vital role. Thus, if your mother or father had stretch marks, you probably will too. Other factors that contribute to having stretch marks include poor diet, sudden environmental change, stress, and skin type.

Causes of Stretch Marks

lady with stretch marksUsually, they appear during pregnancy and puberty, as well as in the cases of obesity, Cushing’s disease, intense physical activity, and bulking up phase of bodybuilding. Using oral steroids and topical steroid creams can cause stretch marks. Biologically they occur when the high amount of hormones in the blood prevent the dermis from producing elastin fibers and collagen. Remember that the skin stretches and requires elasticity. Stretch marks are bands of broken elastin beneath the skin.

Unfortunately, these stretch marks can stay forever because the damage is in the dermis, below the skin surface. The manner in which your skin heals indicates how the stretch marks will look like. Over time, stretch marks are less noticeable. Although they can bother you, they do not need medical treatment and are harmless.

How to Fade Stretch Marks

Rather than going for expensive, invasive, painful procedures that may not work, some patience and self-maintenance can help get rid of stretch marks. You should focus on repairing your skin from the inside with exercise, proper nutrition, and water. Also, on the outside, you can try oils, massage, and exfoliation. The chemical-free ingredients can be found in your kitchen or the local health store. They can provide the same results as expensive products. In this way, you can save some money.


Make sure you drink at least eight glasses of water per day. This is necessary to hydrate your tissues and keep the skin elastic and soft. Moreover, it helps keep collagen production at normal levels. Ideally, water works as an internal moisturizer. Remember that stress, hormone therapies, and oral contraceptives can deplete the body of vital nutrients for skin health. Thus, proper nutrition can help correct the balance.


Stretch marks look uglier on a flabby skin as compared to a toned body. Ensure you apply the lemon juice to help fade the scars. Also, you can massage vigorously to improve blood circulation.…


The Fundamentals of Microblading

Beauty is an aspect that has become overrated these days. Most ladies will agree that so much is expected from them regarding flawless beauty. Notto mention just what they have to go through to ensure that all is well with their physical appearance. It is all worth it because they end up feeling good about themselves. On our part, the eyebrows speak volumes, especially when done to perfection. Here are some of the stages to go through if you wish to be perfect in microblading.


makeup tools
Take Some Lessons

Making something out of the eyebrows is an art that not too many people have learned to perfect. This should never be a cause for alarm as there are plenty of ways through which you can make your wish come true. One way of doing this is through microblading training by the professionals. It might seem a bit too far-fetched, but some individuals have made careers out of this after completing the courses. All it takes is the determination as well as a passion for this unique art. What you’ll also need is a qualified and certified center that will offer you quality courses. By the time you’re through, it will seem like a walk in the park.


Aim for Perfection

An issue here is that even after rigorous training, most people won’t take microblading as seriously as it should be. Instead, they carry it out for the sake of it and wish that things turn out as they should. As we saw earlier, what is required here is deep passion. Once you rectify your attitude, you can rest assured that everything else is sure to fall into place. Though it might not turn out as you had expected when you first started out but time will be sure to help you perfect your new found hobby. The eyebrows stand for so much that the owners only want them to look perfect all the time. You can’t blame them especially when the opportunity presents itself.


Take Your Time

Don’t rush through it as it takes plenty of time to perfect. Even the experts admit that they don’t always find their way through it all the time. This should be consolation enough for all those times you feel as though you are losing out on so much. Take plenty of time on the microblading activity and perfection will come calling very soon. Expand your territories by reading widely and not just depending on one source only. This is a way to make the training process go faster. Better yet, you will have learned about more ways of carrying out microblading professionally.


eye shadows
The Aftermath

Now that you’ve known all there is to know about microblading, try focusing on the aftermath. The eyebrows need to be properly cared for. This means putting in more effort on how to handle them when the beautiful results are revealed. Anyone who is blank on how the process works could benefit from the knowledge you managed to acquire during your course. You could also be your beneficiary at some point.…


The Nitty Gritty of Skin Care

Skin care has got to be among the most complex yet interesting topics. It is a wide subject that needs to be handled with care. Any form of unresearched information could open a myriad of evils to the human skin. For instance, most of us are aware of what to consume to make our skin glow naturally. Going against these norms will ruin something that you’ve worked so hard to build. These aside, our focus is on the various lines of skin care products. We shall unravel what you must look at to land genuine products and inventions.


research The Ingredients

You will never really know the joy of smooth skin without fair ingredients. These are the ones that lay the foundation for the silky smooth skin. If not genuine, the results could be the complete opposite of what you expect. Not to mention the vigorous processes you would have to go through to ensure that your skin is back on track. Natural ingredients are always the way to go for anyone that wants nothing but the very best for their skin. Since not all ingredients are favorable for any skin, you are better off doing your research first. Find out the natural ingredients that would suit your type of skin.



By now most of us are already in the picture of fake manufacturers preying on our skin. Which is why you must ensure that your ideal manufacturers have been around for long. You should have plenty of questions to ask about those that have just surfaced. Giving them a try would not be such a bad idea but only a skin patch test. Trying them out on your whole skin would be disastrous. Your preferred manufacturers must have been certified and licensed by the relevant authorities.


Client Reviews

What other clients have to say is also important. They have used them before and are aware of what they are talking about. This should keep you on your toes on what you should avoid as well as what you should embrace. What’s more, they come in handy at a very timely pace. This means you won’t be too late to read all about them before you make a grave mistake. The best part is that most of these reviews are so open. Most of these clients are very honest about their experiences.


mask Functions

Various skin care products each have a role to play on your skin. While others help in keeping your skin moisturized, others will reveal that inner glow. Others are said to help in fighting off the signs of aging especially when you still feel and look young. The likes of Caviar skin care have been in the spotlight for their brilliant results. For the most ravishing results, use each product for its intended purpose. Failure to which might only lead to a host of skin related issues. It is never right to assume that since you miss one product, another one will work in place of it. Do without it if you have to as you try and look for a better alternative.…

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Tips for Achieving Younger Looking Skin

All people are striving for a healthy, younger and glowing looking skin. A happy skin is at most times a reflection of a healthy body and a healthy mind. For the sake of achieving this, many people go ahead to use a hundred products. Unfortunately, not all products give the expected results. Most products give results that end up waning after a while. Your aim should have a glowing skin from inside. Below are home remedies and simple tips that will assist you in obtaining a youthful looking skin.

Hydrating Yourself

Of all the beauty tips that can help your skin look younger, this is the best. The body is made up of around 65% of water. Therefore, no one should deprive themselves of water. Skin is hydrated when one drinks around 8-10 glasses of water daily. Ensure you carry around a bottle full of water wherever you go. This will ensure you do not deprive your skin of water. Compared to aerated drinks, tender coconut water is better, and as a result, one should switch to it.fresh drinking water

Eating a balanced diet

Following a routine of skin-care hat includes toning, moisturizing, and cleansing. Cleansing helps one in getting rid of the gunk. The toning handles handle the pore issues. For a good skin texture, moisturizing is very necessary. It ensures the skin remains good under all weather conditions.


One should have a regular cleansing and exfoliation routine. This can be done easily at home by using oatmeal, rosewater, and yogurt. Sticking with skin care routines that are natural is highly recommended since they are better than store-bought ones. This is because natural skin care routines have no side effects and are accessible to all people. Your skin should be spared from the harsh chemicals.


Properties of honey are rich in antioxidant. Over many centuries, honey has been used in nourishing and nurturing the skin. This is because it contains enzymes, vitamins, minerals and amino acids. It stimulates regeneration of cellular and eases inflammation hence becoming essential for youthful skin. It has a humectants property which helps in retaining and capturing of the essential skin hydration.honey

Being sun safe

You should always stay safe from the sun by using sunscreens. It is very important as it helps in preventing skin cancer and early wrinkles. When using sunscreen, ensure it has a high SPF. Always re-apply the sunscreen as much as it is required. Also, ensure the cosmetics you are using have a sun protection factor. The SPF should never give you problem unless in times when you are being photographed.



Facts About Dermal Fillers

These filers are helpful in making the lips look beautiful. Most females are known for searching for different options that can help them in improving their look when they start ageing. These lips are one part that they consider most. The volume of lips reduces making them lose definition as you age. They also tend to become thinner.

Lip augmentation is one of the cosmetic procedures that is performed by many ladies. Women of different ages practice it. Females have been searching for more exotic lips and fuller. Dermal fillers are great for restoring both the volume and beauty of the lips easy you grow older. This treatment is helpful in adding volume and definition to the thin lips. It is also helpful in maintaining a healthier balance between the uneven lips. You can also use it to diminish the appearance of vertical, fine lines around your mouth.

Benefits associated with lip enhancements

  • To achieve plumber, fuller lips
  • To give your lips more volume
  • Maintaining a good balance between lopsided or asymmetrical lips
  • To make the flat, thin or small lips look better
  • Improve the definition and shape of your lips.
  • Provide volume to the thin upper or lower lipslips

Moreover, this treatment is considered as an effective solution for enhancing the appearance of sagging or thin lips. This will, in turn, adjust and improve your facial components.

You can get the best fillers that meet your demands by consulting a renowned clinician or cosmetic surgeon. They work by focusing on the condition of your lips first. Most of the women are interested in getting lips that look natural. The delicate thermal filler is utilized to achieve such lips.

Areas that can be improved using dermal fillers

  • The lip outline or boarder- Fillers are helpful in providing width and definition.
  • Providing volume and fullness to the lower and upper lip
  • Adding contouring and definition to your cupids bow improving the lines of a smoker around the mouth
  • Add meaning to the cupids bow- dermal fillers include moulding and definition

This treatment is safe, and it is not associated with major side effects. Its effects are short-term, and they fade away some days. These effects include the following:

  • Swelling-Swelling settles down within two or three days
  • Bumps or lumps- You can get rid of them by gently massaging the affected area
  • Bruising-less swelling or bruising is experience with this treatment method as compared to the other forms of treatment.