beautiful hair

When one is following the right kind of steps, maintaining of hair becomes relatively easy. Protein makes up hair and hence practising good hygiene and keeping a healthy diet is very essential. It helps in ensuring luscious locks are maintained. The below tips will add additional information that will assist in caring for your hair. When you follow the tips, you will get unbelievably beautiful hair results.

Washing hair sparingly and using a good quality shampoo

Hair ends being dried up when one washes it often. As a result, it may end up losing its natural color. Leaching of hairs natural oils damages your hair. It leads to retarded hair and as a result, the hairs growth becomes slow. Aim at shampooing your hair at least twice a week. Oil your hair using recommended oils so that you do not regret using certain unauthorized products when it is already late.washing hair-shampoo

Trying shampoos that are not containing sulfates

Sulfates are chemicals that assist a lot in lathering up of shampoos. Sulfates are strong preservatives, and as a result, they cause eye problems and irritations after using them for a long time. Try to use shampoos that have natural cleansers to protect the environment and yourself. Shampoos defer from one hair type to the other. As a result, ensure you find out your hair type and the suitable shampoo. Go for the shampoo that is suitable for your hair and not any old shampoo in the market.


Using one part apple cider vinegar

This is added in addition to warm water. It helps in balancing the scalp PH and bringing out of natural highlights. It works though it is smelly. The vinegar mixture is poured onto the hair. Massaging it into your scalp is done immediately and afterward left to dry for some few minutes. Wash your hair and rinse it severally.

Mash a ripe avocado with one egg

Mash a ripe avocado in with one egg and afterward apply wet hair. Avocados are rich in fatty acids, Minerals, and vitamins. The minerals assist in restoring the luster of one’s hair. The hair is left for twenty minutes and then rinsed severally. For hair that is already damaged, repeat the procedure ones per week. For healthy hair, the process is repeated once per month.avocado

Do not towel dry hair

A hair is more fragile when wet, towel drying hair roughly may lead to one damaging their hair. When a towel is used in rubbing wet hair, it leads to one damaging the cuticle. This leads to fluffy hair and more breakages in the hair. Blotting hair using a towel to remove excess moisture is encouraged rather than rubbing hair.